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cOFFICE BEARERS and List of Special Invitees 2019-21

bPSA Elections 2019 Results

aLetter to MIB 16 8 19

dLetter to DG on Retrospective Re-Fixation & Recovery of Salary from DR PEXs 2 7 19

eLetter to DG on Grant of ACP & MACP to TREXs and PEXs 2 7 19

fLetter to DG for granting of NFUG to PEXs,PEX adhoc and PEX insitu 26 6 19

gLetter to ADG(HR) on Continuing the grant of ACP & MACP to Programme Cadres 21 6 19

hLetter to ADG(HR)_Issues Concerning programme Staff Working in AIR & DD 29 5 19

iLetter to Sec MIB on Consequential benefit 22 5 19


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The PSA has a history of more than three decades. It has been conceptualized at a time when television was not a part of our communication network and radio remained the soul airing apparatus of the department of Information and Broadcasting. Our predecessors, great communication masters of their time used to recollect the feeling of togetherness they had experienced in PSA meetings in its formative years. Much water has flown under the bridge since then. AIR and Doordarshan have undergone a lot of changes these years. But the feeling of togetherness, a sense of solidarity has remained with PSA like the poetic fragrance of an eternal flower.

It was in 1996, during an agitation time a national leader of the railway employees federation happened to be amidst us and wondered to see the unity amongst the different cadre of staff at various levels. He went on record saying that PSA is a unique case of ultimate solidarity in the entire central government sector.

By remaining in this unparalleled conglomerate, the programme cadre in two of its most important national institutions of this country , AIR and DOORDARSHAN could achieve a lot. Thousands of its members rallied under its flag at various crisis and had produced the desired results.











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