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bPSA Mails

aPB circulars from March 2020


Hi friends

Letter from President

PSA Mails

Letter to CEO

Letter to DG AIR

Letter to DG DD

Letter to MIB

Letter to secretary MIB

Letter to anamoly committee


Annual Subscriptions

Receipts of Fund

Letter to ADG(HR) on Continuing the grant of ACP & MACP to Programme Cadres 21 6 19

Letter to ADG(HR)_Issues Concerning programme Staff Working in AIR & DD 29 5 19

VOTER ROLL 2019-2021

DRAFT VOTER LIST , 2019 - 2021

Chairman PB Grant of Ad- hoc Promotion in JTS 7 12 17

PSA to PB reg Service Regulations

VOTER LIST REVISED - for Inputs - April 2017

Letter to UPSC on Delhi CAT order for JTS DPC dtd 14 3 17

Convening of NEC meeting 2017

PSA letter to Member(P) on Director deputation dtd 5.10.16

PSA to PB dtd 27 6 16 - Amendment to IBPS RR-1990

UPSC to PSA on Review DPC dtd 26 5 16

PSA to PB reg APAR for JTS DPC dtd 11 5 16

PSA to UPSC on Review DPC dtd 29 4 16

PSA thanks MIB and PB on STS to JAG DPC

PSA note to members

PSA to PB on Creation of Finance Wing

PSA Letter to PB dated 14.3.16

PSA letter dtd 3 3 16 to PB

Peace March Press Release

Status Report of PSA Peace March

AIDSCTEWA Support for 11th March

AAA Support for 11th March

ABAEDCS Karamchari Sangh Support for 11th March

ARTEE Support for 11th March

AREA Support for 11th March

AIRCCWEU Support for 11th March

PSA letter on DDG Selection

Support for Silent march by PSA

Posting of Ex-Cadre officers for Prog Admn

PSA contribution to TN flood relief

PSA Letter on Assistant Director Appointments

DPC convened for JAG SAG posts

PSA Letter to M (P) dtd 14 9 15

PSA thanks ADG, ESD

SSS Letter to MIB dtd 14 7 15

PSA letter against Recovery to M(P)

DOPT reply to PSA reg promotion delay in IB(P)S

PSA letter to M(P) dtd 8.6.15

Common Representation to VII CPC

PSA clarification to misleading mail

Misleading mail against PSA

VOTER ROLL- for Finalisation

Important information dtd 2.4.15

PSA letter to other Associations

PSA fights on

PSA Reply to show-cause notice dtd 12 3 15

DG AIR show cause noice dtd 10 3 15

PSA South Zone Convention January 2015 invitation

Message from Principal Advisor dtd 22 12 14

Non-deduction of Annual Subscription

ACP-Facts and Efforts

PSA contribution to PMNRF

PSA letter on Transfer Policy

List of stations to send Annual Subscription

7th CPC draft for Inputs from members

PSA letter to Principal Advisor(P&A)dtd 22.4.14

National Convention 2014 - Key note address

National Convention Invitation

Details of Unit Office Bearers

Details of Office Bearers

Cadre Review - Final

PSA thanks all the officers for Regular & Insitu Pex orders

Names withheld in the DPC

FAX numbers for sending required documents

PSA letter to PB on 5 days week

PSA letter to PB on transfer policy

Letter and annexures to Director(Personnel) reg reclassification order of PB 27.6.13

Draft Voter list

List of Difficult stations complete

Letter to CEO dtd 08.11.12


List of stations yet to send subscription details

Details received from and defaulting stations

Letter from Executive Committee dtd 16.9.12

PSA bank account details

MACP request Representation

Letter to DG reg classification of Trexs & allied cadre as Group B post

Letter to CEO dtd 19.03.12 against withdrawal of MACP

Stations that have sent Membership subscription forms

Procedure to submit forms for Recognition

Letter from the President dtd 07.10.2011

Annexure I Recognition

Annexure II 1970-1980

Annexure III 1980-1990

Annexure IV 1990-2000

Annexure V 2000-2010

Annexure VI 2010-2011

Regarding SSS agitation 13.09.2011

SSS agitation notice 13.09.2011

Addresses for Emails and Telegrams

PSA agitation Press Release & Email format to MIB

Agitation notice to MIB dated 28.07.2011

SSS 24 hours boycott deferred

SSS reply on order dated 25.02.1999

Meetings with Member(P), PB & Addl. Secretary(B) on 25.07.2011

Floor Assistants Regular & Adhoc Promotion List

MACP for Cameramen List

Clarifications to Dis-information campaign 1

Clarifications to Dis-information campaign 2

Clarifications to Dis-information campaign 3

Clarifications to Dis-information campaign 4

Meeting with Addl. Sec(B) & Nominated Member dtd 280611

SSS Lightning Stir notice

SSS II phase agitation notice

SSS meeting with CEO

SSS agitation III phase

Synopsis of ODISHA Meeting

Letter to MIB on ACP to prog staff

SSS letter on Chennai PAO objection on MACP to prog staff

Letter by SSS on audit objection to MACP for programme staff

DDG P's LETTER dtd 21.4.10

Reply to DDG(A) 25-10-08

Letter to DDG(A) dtd 02.07.08

Minutes of NE meeting 28.2.09

Mock Seniority List of Trexs as on 1.1.08

new final draft cadre review

New members list 3.3.09

Office bearers 2010-2012

Parliament answers reg Prasar Bharti

PSA final voter list 2008

R T I 1

R T I 2

R T I 3

R T I 4

Lawyer Notice

White paper on the three demands









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