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gBroadvision - 2018

fLong Pending Issues concerning the Programme Cadres 21 5 18

eDG-AIR circular on ACP to PEX and Contempt of High Court Order 18 3 18

dLtr to Sec MIB Amendment to the PEX RR 26 12 17

cLtr to Sec MIB Grant of NFUG 21 12 17

bChairman PB Grant of Ad- hoc Promotion in JTS 7 12 17

aRepresentation Secretary MIB 30 10 17


Hi friends

Agitation Notice 20 10 16

NFADE - Call to Members

ADASA Notice toMIB

ADTEA Notice to MIB

ARTEE Notice to MIB

Audience Research

CCW Emp Union notice to MIB

Group D Notice

Notice from AAA

PSA Notice to MIB

NFADE 16.3.2010

--- CEO_16032010


---Mass CL deferred

---MIB ltr to CEO dtd 16.3.10


48 hours boycott

72 hours Boycott deferred

Affected stations due to boycott

Demand of NFADE given to RLC

Guidelines for Boycott of duties

Letter to authorities 10.12.2010




NFADE document to be sent to policy makers

NFADE notice dtd 09.08.10

NFADE reply dtd 16.08.10

PSA document to be sent to policy makers

RLC Meeting 031210

RLC Meeting 101210











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