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aPB circulars from March 2020


Hi friends

PB circulars from March 2020

Minutes of the Meeting on 3 10 18 by PB with members

Speaking Order - PB on MACP 03.06.16

PB proposed amendment to service rules 31 5 16

PB letter dtd 2 3 16 on Peaceful March

PB to PSA and reply dtd 18 2 16

PB to PAO on MACP recovery dtd 2 12 15

PB Order Allowing Post 2007 Employees to join Associations dtd 9 9 15

Minutes Of theEstablishment Council Meeting dtd 26.04.15

Trex to Pex order dtd 27.03.15

PB Clarification of MACP dtd 2 3 15

Trex to Pex order dtd 13 2 15

PB to PAO on MACP 29102014

Minutes of SFG meeting on 1.10.14

Reg Compassionate appointment in Prasar Bharati 21-08-2014

Status of ACRs of PEXs for adhoc JTS promotion dated 21.8.14

PB order on Representations

JTS to STS order dtd 24.07.14

PB order dtd 5.6.14 - Andaman & Nicobar part of SZ

Minutes of the 2nd Mtg. of SFG_on 25.03.2014

Annual Subscription from Service Associations 22.04.2014

JTS posting order dtd 7.4.14

Deputy Director posting order dtd 4.4.14

MACP to DDPs ASDs dtd 27.3.14

PEX insitu dtd 27.3.14

PEX promotion to GSankaravadievel dtd 27.3.14

Adhoc JTS extension order dtd 13.3.14

JTS to STS, AIR order dtd 28.2.14

JTS to STS, DD order dtd 28.2.14

ASD adhoc Extn order dtd 28.2.14

PEX to JTS PB order 28.2.14

Trex to Pex promotion 4.2.14

Clarification - pex insitu

PB minutes of 1st meeting of SFG on 21.1.14

Minutes of Meeting of assns with CEO & Member(Per) 10.1.14

ACRs APARs incomplete list for Insitu promotion

Trex to Pex promotion Sh P Gopala Rao

Insitu Pex promotion 29.11.13

Trex to Pex promotion 28.11.13

Trex to Pex promotion 26.11.13

MACP for all the cadres

Trex to Pex promotion 24.10.13

PSA letter to PB on CCL in Draft Transfer Policy dtd 9.10.13

Required Vigilance Clearance for In-situ List

URGENT reg Insitu dtd 26.9.13

In-situ order in the cadre of PEXs

-List for vigilance clearance

-List of incomplete ACRs

PB Circular on usage of GOI Logo

Minutes of Meeting with CEO dtd 6.6.2013

PB Corrigendum to reclassification order - Status quo restored

ASD(adhoc) promotion order

PB letter on Insitu and proforma for stations

PB Member(P) letter on MACP to PEX & TREX

Reply by Prasarbharati to PSA

Minutes of Welcome meeting with PB dtd 18.4.2013

PB order on Recognition

Prasar Bharati Letters regarding Direct Recruitment

ADG(SR) letter reg DPC to Pexs


Dordarshan STS to DDG order dtd 26.9.12

DDG to ADG Promotion order

STS to DDG order dtd 13.9.12

Trexs as Group B order

PB circular on deducting subscription dtd 26.7.12

PB circular reg deducting subscription to IRLA

PB order reg deduction of membership subscription and sending details by DDOs & HOOs

PB letter regarding deduction of subscription to DDOs dtd 8.6.12

Corrigendum-PB letter reg recognition of associations

Subscription deduction by DDOs

PB letter regarding MACP recovery dtd 17.4.12Amendment to Prasdar Bharti Act

MACP for PA(T)s of DD dtd 1.2.2012

PB circular dtd 21.12.2011

PB letter reg recognition of associations

PB circular dtd 16.11.2011 reg recognition

PB asks comments of Assns on withdrawal of 25.2.99 agreement


PB clarification on MACP to Prog Staff

Minutes of the I meeting of committee to amend PB Act

NFADE amendments to PB ACT

Representatives proposed by NFADE

Prasar Bharti letter to NFADE reg constitution of committee to amend PB Act

Matters to be looked into by the Three Member Committee

PBS circular dtd 13.09.10

PB transfer guidelines

Letter dtd 23.12.08 1

Letter dtd 23.12.08 2

Letter dtd 21.10.08

CEO invite dtd 20.10.08

Letter dtd 18.09.08
















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